Medical 3D Biomodels

In our medical service we can convert your CT SCAN (DICOM) files into files ready for 3D printing and 3D visualization. We can filter the areas of interest depending on your needs; we have experience processing tomographies for different local surgeons in Colombia. Our team is looking forward to offer you an excellent specialized service.

How it works

Send us your files

The starting point is to send your DICOM files with the case description including your requirements. With this information we will analyze the case and provide you a quote.

Anatomy processing

Here’s the most important part of the process, where the quality of  layers of the tomography are vital. Depending on your specific areas of interest, we filter and clean those areas while consistently optimizing the models for 3D Priting.

File ready to print

After the previous stages, we will send you a file ready to 3D print or visualize in 3D. We always like to work close to our clients in order to reach all of their expectations.

Benefits of Biomodels

The 3D printed biomodels are exact replicas of the patient’s anatomy, which complement the current medical 2D images in the surgery planning stage. Uses may vary depending on each stage and this technology has shown to be a great tool for a variety of complex medical cases.

Complex Cases

Stereolithographic models are very useful in complex cases. In these images you can see an oncological case where the bone structure was built into a puzzle to better understand the distribution of its individual parts and highlight the tumor’s location within them.

Request a Quote

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  3. Fill out the form with the details of your needs.
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